Benefits Cyclone-X

Direct torque at low revs1Direct torque at low revs

Thanks to the improved air-fuel ratio and a balanced ignition front in the cylinders, your engine runs better, even at low revs. The Cyclone-X improves "Smart Driving" experience and makes it more enjoyable.







Optimized combustion process - more air and better air-fuel ratio

In all piston engines the up and down movement of the pistons ensures the intake of combustion air into the engine. At low revs, the intake volume is significantly lower and, due to bends and obstacles, the vorticity, which helps fuel and air mix, is also reduced.


Because of the cleansing action of the air produced by the Cyclone-X, obstacles in the intake system are easily negotiated; the internal resistance is reduced, as it were, by the Cyclone-X. At low revs, this therefore ensures that a sufficient amount of air is supplied and that the vortex produces a better mixing ratio between the air and fuel. The result: a more optimized combustion process.


Direct torque - less gear switching

With the Cyclone-X, torque is available earlier; you'll immediately notice that the engine picks up better at low revs. You will also observe that the engine will not become sluggish so quickly at low revs. Where you initially had to downshift to a lower gear when reducing speed and therefore decreasing the speed of your engine, you'll now find that the engine runs in normally.

This improves "smart Driving" experience and makes it more enjoyable

An important component of “Smart Driving" consists in allowing a combustion engine to run at a lower speed and hence reduce fuel consumption and the environmental impact. If, previously, an engine at low revs would quite often yield disappointing performance, jerk and hesitate, all this can be a thing of the past if fitted with a Cyclone-X. The result: you will drive at lower revs sooner, turning "Smart Driving" into a more pleasant experience.