Benefits Cyclone-X

Complete combustion in the engine - fewer emissions

2Lower emissions

A more complete combustion process and long-lasting clean engine ensure that contaminants are not added to the volume of harmful emissions. The NOx reducing EGR also works better with a Cyclone-X.


Complete combustion in the engine - fewer emissions

Thanks to an improved and more powerful air supply and the vortex, which in many cases continues into the cylinders, a more complete combustion is achieved. Incomplete combustion processes not only waste fuel, they are also directly responsible for an increase in harmful emissions.


Prevents engine pollution

Harmful emissions from internal combustion engines will also increase over time as a result of the gradual build-up of contaminants in the engine. Carbon deposits on valves and cylinders are a common occurrence. In some cases, the build-up of scale is very serious, and valves and fittings may become completely obstructed. In diesel engines, this will often occur earlier than in petrol engines. Diesel engines may therefore face the obstruction of the EGR valve.


In summary: the build-up of contaminants leads to more contamination resulting in an increase in harmful emissions.


The Cyclone-X produces a powerful air vortex. This gives contaminants no chance to build up, which in turn eliminates this contribution to harmful emissions.


Cyclone-X improves the efficiency of catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters

If a Cyclone-X is placed before a catalytic converter or a particulate filter, this increases efficiency and reduces emissions. Due to the vortex, the intake air is more evenly distributed over the active surface of the filter or catalytic converter, which directly increases efficiency.