Passenger car and vintage car

Mounting piont cyclone-x in a passenger car and vintage car.The Cyclone-X is suitable for installation in new and used cars and vintage cars (classic cars) that run on these fuels.

  • Petrol
  • Diesel
  • LPG or natural gas
  • Bio fuels

In addition, the Cyclone-X is suitable for installation in both manual and automatic cars.


What does the Cyclone-X do for passenger cars?

  • Cyclone-x cleans engine and reduces maintenance costs and servicing..Direct torque at low revs. It facilitates driving at low revs so you can save fuel and reduce engine wear. Moreover, the car has a much smoother ride at low revs; this means that such phenomena such as a sluggish engine or soot (soot plumes from diesel engines) will no longer be annoying you.

    With the Cyclone-X, you can shift up to a higher gear between 1500 and 2000 rpm already, instead of 2000 and 2500 rpm. Your engine is running much smoother as a result, and is much more powerful in the low revs range. This can be very useful when towing a caravan or trailer.

    Direct torque at low revs when  towing a caravan or trailer.Furthermore, it is possible to drive in the fifth or sixth gear at 70 km/h without the engine beginning to withhold. With an automatic transmission, you can influence gear shifting by releasing the gas pedal at the desired gear switching revs to get the automatic gear box to change gears. In modern automatic transmissions, which directly adapt the gear pattern, this will be adjusted after installing the Cyclone-X which will automatically create an improved switching characteristic.

  • A more optimized combustion resulting in lower Cyclone-X in a caremissions of harmful gases. Thanks to the vortex of the Cyclone-X providing the engine with more air, combined with the absence of dirt build-up, combustion is greatly improved.
  • Constant cleaning/flushing of your engine. Clogging is the engine's number 1 enemy. By preventing dirt build-up, it ensures a longer engine service life and therefore reduces maintenance costs and servicing. By investigating just one failure, resulting from clogging, you may spend more than for the preventive maintenance of a car at 50,000 or 100,000 km together.

Click here for information on the operation of the Cyclone-X.


Where is the Cyclone-X fitted in a passenger car?

In principle, a Cyclone-X can be fitted in several locations in a car. The most common mounting point will be between the air filter and throttle. Fitting one Cyclone-X is often sufficient, but for further optimization, more cyclones can be used. In a passenger car, the mounting points are:

  • cyclone x, 2 en 3, Hyclone, Tornado in personenauto en oldtimerBetween the air filter and the throttle.
    In most passenger cars, this ensures that the vortex produced by the Cyclone-X reaches the cylinders.
  • Downstream from a turbocharger    
    Fitting after the turbo ensures a significantly reduced “turbo lag”.
  • Downstream from an Intercooler
  • Upstream of the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) unit.
    The Cyclone-X stops carbon from depositing on the EGR valve and, ultimately, the EGR valve from closing up.
  • Upstream of the catalytic converter or particulate filter.
    Due to the vortex produced by the Cyclone-X, the exhaust gas flow is evenly distributed, which increases efficiency and considerably reduces the risk of the valve closing up. Your particulate filter and catalytic converter last longer.

Official fitting and sales points of the Cyclone-X

authorized dealerFitting of a Cyclone-X by an authorized dealer in a passenger car and vintage car. An official Cyclone-X dealer may fit a Cyclone-X in your car. All Cyclone-X dealers are officially certified and their staff have received Cyclone-X training. They can advise you on the various mounting points and the result to be expected from each. Often installation in a car can be completed within 20 minutes, which also keeps costs under control. If you want to fit the Cyclone-X yourself, you can procure one from a Cyclone-X dealer. Find your nearest Cyclone-X dealer.



Easy way to vintage (classic car) to the emission standards and emission standards to meetVintage cars - classic cars - and emission requirements - Cyclone-X is the solution

In order to bring vintage cars (classic cars) up to the emission requirements (standards), it is sometimes necessary to implement modifications to the engine which are expensive and may undermine the authenticity of the vehicle. Fitting your classic car with one or more Cyclone-X units will allow it to comply with the desired emission values, which will ensure that you can enjoy driving your car in an environmentally friendly way. Naturally, the extended engine service life and all the advantages of the Cyclone-X also apply.