Cyclone-X effect

cyclone x effect - vortex in the air intake system of your engine

Operation of the Cyclone-X

What happens exactly? The Cyclone-X is a tried and tested product which creates a vortex without moving, wearing parts, and is fitted at the right place in the air intake system of your engine.


The Cyclone-X makes the intake air swirling, this flushing air streams much easier through the tubes and passes the obstacles much easier, Therefore all fuel will be combusted, you will feel more power and realise lower fuel consumption. So more mileage to the gallon and less CO2 production.


Mounting points cyclone air intake system of your engineMany motorists, motorhome owners, transport companies, shipping companies and shippers have already made that choice and enjoy the benefits on a daily basis. You will experience the positive impact, right from the first kilometre or mile. In used engines, after 3000 km or 100 hours of operation the dirt build-up will have decreased considerably and the engine will perform better as result.

Installation of Cylone-X in the air intake system of your engine.