Excavator and Tractor

Enhance the performance of diesel engines in constructional equipment, tractors and other agricultural machineryBoth in construction and in the agricultural sector, diesel engines are working hard to build our homes or workplaces, or to meet our food needs. Naturally, in these sectors, operating costs and availability are important operational factors. Still, even these stakeholders want to play they part in Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship. Especially since the payback time for investing in a Cyclone-X is so short due to fuel savings, reduced maintenance costs and the increased equipment reliability.



Enhance the performance of diesel engines in constructional equipment, tractors and other agricultural machinery

Cyclone-X in a caterpillar


Good tools are half the battle!

Tools are selected with great care, following a review of their reliability, service life and operating costs. Fitting the diesel engines of constructional equipment, tractors and other agricultural machinery with a Cyclone-X improves the engine's air intake, which delivers specific advantages.

  • Saving fuel is possible, as a result of a more complete combustion process in the diesel engine.
  • Thanks to the flushing effect of the Cyclone-X, the diesel engine is less clogged up inside. There is virtually no more carbon build-up on internal engine parts. This prevents the obstruction of valves, engine failures and loss of power.


More torque and no soot plumesCyclone-X in a tractor

Tractors and excavators require torque to carry out their work. The Cyclone-X gives them a lot more torque at lower revs, and for the same work, there is no need to push the gas handle or the accelerator pedal as far. At low revs, the combustion process, when using the Cyclone-X, is more complete, and no amount of residue from incompletely burned fuel, such as soot, is released through the exhaust. Not only is this healthier for the environment and people, but the tractors and excavators, too, stay much cleaner.

Since, internally, the engine is less contaminated, the engine oil and filters last longer. The lubrication of the engine will be more effective, which will extend the service life of the engine.


Official fitting and sales points of the Cyclone-X

authorized dealerAn official Cyclone-X dealer can fit a Cyclone-X in your tractor, combine-harvester, excavator, bulldozer/shovel, truck crane (etc.). Cyclone-X dealers are officially certified and their staff have received Cyclone-X training. They can advise you on the various mounting points and the result to be expected from each. Often installation can be completed within 30 minutes, which also keeps costs under control. If you want to fit the Cyclone-X yourself, you can procure one from a Cyclone-X dealer. Find your nearest Cyclone-X dealer.