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Brand names Cyclone 2, Cyclone 3, Lamellen Ring, Swirl Ring Europe


Cyclone 2, Cyclone 3, Lamellen ring, Lammellen ring, Cyclone 1, Hiclone,  Cycloon,  Hyclone, Tornado, Fuelsaver,  Air twister, Swirll ring Europe, Aero finnThe Cyclone-X was formerly marketed in Europe under the following brand names:
Cyclone 2, Cyclone 3, Lamellen Ring, Lammellen Ring, Cyclone 1, Hiclone,  Cycloon,  Hyclone, Air Swirling, Tornado, Fuelsaver,  Air Twister and Swirl Ring Europe.


Is there an alternative to chip tuning for passenger cars?

Engine tuning with cyclone-X. Alternative to chip tuning. Even though installing a Cyclone-X differs from chip tuning, it will definitely produce a number of noticeable effects. By improving airflow, the Cyclone-X ensures that the engine keeps delivering more performance and tractive force and this for a fraction of the cost of chip tuning.


There are different ways to tune an engine, by acting on the mechanics, condition or electronics. Some examples include fitting sports exhausts, air filters, the use of nitrous oxide, a turbocharger, chip tuning etc.



What is an EGR valve? How can I prevent clogging of the valve?

EGR valve to prevent contamination. EGR valve problem.Diesel engines are fitted with an EGR valve as standard. An EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve manages to reduce NOx emissions from the engine by recirculating the exhaust gases through the engine.



Which are the mounting points for the Cyclone-X?

On combustion engines the Cyclone-X can be placed at the following points:


What can I do about the drop in engine performance?

With Cyclone-X a cleaner engine and a better performance.Are any of the following problems familiar?

The engine performance is deteriorating. The engine of your car stalls, withholds, fails to reach its output or does not start easily. These are typical examples of poor combustion due to a dirty engine.
Oftentimes, increased fuel consumption and higher concentrations of harmful substances in exhaust gases are other signs of poor combustion.