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What can I do about the drop in engine performance?

With Cyclone-X a cleaner engine and a better performance.Are any of the following problems familiar?

The engine performance is deteriorating. The engine of your car stalls, withholds, fails to reach its output or does not start easily. These are typical examples of poor combustion due to a dirty engine.
Oftentimes, increased fuel consumption and higher concentrations of harmful substances in exhaust gases are other signs of poor combustion.


A clean engine performs better

Clogging is your engine's biggest enemy! In recent years, the quality of motor fuels has risen considerably and there has been many developments in this respect. Due to the adjustment of fuels (e.g. addition of bio-components) and engines to the environmental requirements, this internal contamination has increased, while the fuel systems, as a result of engineering advances, allow for much smaller tolerances.


70% of the failures and problems in today's car engine are reducible to the internal contamination of the air supply and fuel systems. Clogging of the air supply system causes loss of power. Failures will keep occurring as deposits, of carbon components among other things, keep building up, this in spite of performing regular maintenance on the engine. When it is fresh out of the factory, an engine runs efficiently, but due to use, often within six months, persistent dirt build-up internally may have a huge impact, and engine performance will fall back.


Reduced engine performance - Cyclone-X is the solution