The story of Cyclone-X

cyclone-x performance enhancerMr. Kim Sei Young is the inventor of the Cyclone-X.
This is the story of Cyclone-X

Launch of the Cyclone

Introduced by KIDC
(Korea Industrial Design Co.)

Wins a prize awarded by the government at the Korea Energy Saving Promotion Festival.


Wins a prize in Korea for its distinctive character in the production industry and a prize for medium-sized enterprises.

ISO 9001 & Award

Obtains ISO 9001 certification for the production. Receives an award for contribution to energy savings.

Cyclone-X in Europe

Cyclone X is launched in Europe as the official dealer for the Netherlands, Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

Patent for Cyclone

The Cyclone, the component creating a vortex for internal combustion engines, is patented in the USA.

Award for Patent

Wins a silver medal in the Korean Patent Technology exhibition.

Cyclone Netherlands

Cyclone is introduced in the Netherlands by Gert van Veldhuizen. In the first five years, more than 4,500 Cyclones are supplied and installed.