Truck and Trailer

truck trailerTrucks are an important link in our daily lives and indispensable in all the logistics processes supporting our existence and prosperity.


Surely, it is possible to give shape to Corporate Social Responsibility in an economically smart way by fitting Cyclone-X units in the trucks.

Reduce operating costs and fuel costs per kilometre

Reduce operating costs and fuel costs per kilometreBy installing the Cyclone-X in your truck engine, the fuel and operating costs of your vehicle fleet will drop significantly, while the availability and reliability of your vehicles will increase.

The air vortex from the Cyclone-X has a flushing effect through the engine which remains cleaner. The pistons with their piston rings, and bottom grooves stay clean, which in turn ensures that the performance of the truck is maintained. This prevents the occurrence of dirty, caked-closed EGR valves and obstructed particulate filters. Since everything is kept clean, fuel savings are achieved while the engine service life is secured.

Downshifting when you go uphillCyclone-X in a dakar

As a truck driver, you also try to play your part in protecting the environment and improving business operations. You have more torque (more tractive force) at your disposable at lower revs, so you can upshift faster. In the mountains, too, you will find that you don't need to downshift so fast when you are going uphill. The engine can simply draw on more traction. In addition to comfort, as less effort is required from the truck driver, this is also good for the environment and fuel consumption.


Avoid soot plumes - soot from trucks

As the combustion process is more complete, the reproachful glances that pedestrians in the city give you because of the soot plumes emanating from the exhaust will be a thing of the past. By fitting a Cyclone-X, the soot therefore disappears and you also reduce your fuel consumption when you drive.


Official fitting and sales points of the Cyclone-X

authorized dealerAn official Cyclone-X dealer may fit a Cyclone-X into your truck(s). All Cyclone-X dealers are officially certified and their staff have received Cyclone-X training. They can advise you on the various mounting points and the result to be expected from each. Often installation in a truck can be completed within 30 minutes, which also keeps costs under control. If you want to fit the Cyclone-X yourself, you can procure one from a Cyclone-X dealer. Find your nearest Cyclone-X dealer.