van trailerSmall and large vans are the modern workhorses that enable the professional transport of people, goods and tools. Since many kilometres are covered annually using this mode of transportation, people often consciously look at measures to save fuel and reduce maintenance costs.


Going further with a van on a litre of Diesel

The Cyclone-X ensures enhanced air circulation and air control in the engine. You don't have to push the accelerator pedal so far down for equal performance. The result: direct savings on fuel costs. If we further analyze it, fuel savings are achieved as a result of three factors. Namely:


A more complete combustion process

Van fuel savingThe air vortex produced by the Cyclone-X ensures better air-fuel ratio and improves the strength of the combustion air supply. The swirling air can negotiate more easily obstacles such as corrugated hoses and valves. This allows the air to reach quicker and in greater volumes the place where it should be, namely the cylinders where combustion takes place. More fuel is burned (combustion is more complete) and fewer residues are produced as a result. Since, in many cases, the vortex will continue into the cylinder, after ignition, the force is distributed more evenly on the pistons, which means that you get even more energy from every litre of fuel.

No increase in fuel consumption as the engine service life is extended

Lower fuel consumption by Cyclone-x.The fuel consumption of an engine will increase over time as contaminants gradually build up inside. Engine pollution negatively impacts the supply of combustion air, when passage through an intake is narrowed by carbon deposits, for example. In addition, it is also responsible for changing temperature patterns and air flow, causing the combustion processes not to complete fully. The vortex created by the Cyclone-X keeps your engine clean. The factory values regarding fuel consumption are therefore maintained.

A more comfortable ride with a fuel-saving driving style

The Cyclone X enables a different driving style. Since the van's engine is already running at a lower speed thanks to the Cyclone-X, you can upshift earlier and thus use less fuel. This improves "Smart Driving" and makes it more pleasant.


Cyclone-X in a van

Small and large van

More mileage in-between maintenance intervals

If fitted with the Cyclone-X, your fleet of small/large vans will experience fewer failures and require less maintenance. Thanks to the vortex of air it produces, Cyclone-X has a constant cleansing effect, flushing the engine and the air supply. The Cyclone-X therefore prevents the build-up of deposits which, in many cases, can lead to (severe) wear and failures. Some examples:


The Cyclone X prevents the EGR valve from closing up

The Cyclone-x prevents the EGR valve from closing upAs the exhaust gases recirculate into the engine, deposits of exhaust gas particles containing carbon often build up at the EGR valve or the engine valves. In some cases, the EGR valve itself gradually closes up completely with a carbon - tarry - deposits which will lead directly to engine failures. If a Cyclone-X is fitted directly upstream of the EGR valve, the vortex prevents the build-up of particles and keeps the EGR valve and underlying engine components permanently clean. You therefore prevent unexpected engine failures and make sure that the air intake will not get clogged. As a result, your van's engine performance always remains optimal and fuel consumption will not increase.


Pistons, cylinders and valves remain cleaner

Pistons, cylinders and valves remain cleanerA more powerful air supply ensures a complete combustion process, which in turn minimizes residues. So, the pistons, cylinders and valves will remain cleaner. The Cyclone-X will ensure that chronic carbon deposits will not happen again and that, if already present, they will be readily dislodged and dissolved. The much higher combustion rate has another advantage: less fuel leaks into the engine oil, which allows the latter to last longer as well.


The Cyclone X prevents clogging of the particulate filter

BWhen placed just upstream of a particulate filter or catalytic converter, a Cyclone-X ensures that the air flow is much more evenly distributed. Normally, there is often a laminar air flow through the components in which the flow velocity on the outside of the filter or the catalytic converter is significantly lower. Dirt particles will settle on the outside, potentially causing the component to gradually close up from the outside. With the vortex produced by the Cyclone-X, the air flow to the walls is much higher and almost equal to what it is in the middle, so that the filter or catalytic converter can be kept permanently clean. Oil and oil filter remain cleaner with Cyclone-x

An additional advantage of the more balanced distribution is that the reactive surface will be more evenly exposed to the exhaust gases. The filter works more efficiently as a result, and the burden on the environment is lower. 



Oil and oil filter remain cleaner

Since less carbon deposits build up in the engine if fitted with the Cyclone-X, the oil and oil filters remain cleaner. The lubricating effect of the oil is therefore enhanced. In addition, the higher combustion rate is also attributable to the Cyclone-X, which, as mentioned above, ensures that less fuel leaks into the engine oil.


Less soot and better for the environment

Less soot and soot plumes in van.Fitting a Cyclone-X on small or large vans will contribute to the disappearance of the often unpleasant soot plumes. The small or large van will need to be washed less frequently and, by reducing emissions of particles, you also contribute to a better environment. With the Cyclone-X, the vehicle remains your company's business card.


The soot plumes (emissions) are largely caused by internal engine contamination and incomplete combustion. As you may have read above, the Cyclone-X ensures that the engine stays clean, that particulate filters work better and that the combustion process is more complete... The gases coming from the exhaust are cleaner as a result.


Socially Responsible Transport with the Cyclone-X

It is nice to think that, thanks to a very easily fitted component, you can contribute to your Corporate Social Responsibility. Your employees can adopt the “The New Driving Style” and you also save on a number of additional costs.


Official fitting and sales points of the Cyclone-X

authorized dealerAn official Cyclone-X dealer may fit a Cyclone-X into your small or large van. All Cyclone-X dealers are officially certified and their staff have received Cyclone-X training. They can advise you on the various mounting points and the result to be expected from each. Often installation in a van can be completed within 30 minutes, which also keeps costs under control. If you want to fit the Cyclone-X yourself, you can procure one from a Cyclone-X dealer. Find your nearest Cyclone-X dealer.