The difference is clearly noticeable - VW Lupo tdi

I have a Lupo 3L tdi which is already very economical. With the Cyclone-X it nonetheless went from 4.0 litre per 100 km down to 3.7, thus from about 1 litre for 25 km to 1 for 27. It has more tractive force with a smoother ride, and gear shifting is better. I've already had a number of cars before finally fitting a Cyclone-X. The difference is quite noticeable. Certainly value for money. If I decided to buy a new car once again, it would certainly be equipped with a Cyclone-X.


Regards, Hans


A must - better acceleration and lower fuel consumption - Alfa Romeo

Dear Gert,

After the purchase of an Alfa Romeo 156 diesel, I discussed the Cyclone-X with you. Obviously, in the beginning I was sceptic about your enthusiastic story but I had the idea that if there was no benefit, at least there would be no harm in having it installed. This was a piece of cake and the purchase price not excessive. After taking some measurements, my usage was 1 litre for 17.4 km, compared to 1 for 16.2 litre previously, and the acceleration seems better. In short, a must.

Jaap Balder

Jaap Balder

Enhanced performance, lower fuel consumption - Knaus 708 motorhome

I always travel with a heavily loaded Knaus 708 2.8 JTD motorhome that is tuned to 160 hp. On the advice of my dealer, they installed a Cyclone-X and the result was very positive, a much better torque and lower fuel consumption. It saves a gear when I take a roundabout (initially in 2nd and now in 3rd), and when I exit a roundabout now in 3rd, it pulls away from very low revs and at low speed in one piece until I switch to 4th gear. Now, at lower revs, I can also shift gears and on the motorway the engine, at the same speed as before the installation of the Cyclone-X, runs 300-400 rpm slower, and that also has a positive impact on fuel consumption. When passing out trucks, the engine picks up much easier than before the Cyclone-X was fitted. The advice was therefore very good. I highly recommend making this small investment which pays back by itself.

Ludo Schra