Smart driving – made possible by the Cyclone-X

The new driving style, roadEco-driving remains very topical. There are government programmes, such as "Smart Driving", which encourage motorists, professional drivers and fleet managers to adopt an energy-efficient purchasing and driving behaviour. This is done through various projects, but also through training and driving style tips. More information about the Dutch programme "Smart Driving" is available on the website




The Cyclone-X improves "Smart Driving"energy-saving-trust

experience and makes it more enjoyable

The new driving behaviour implies, among other things, that the engine runs at lower revs. Most engines, if they run at a lower speed, simply consume less fuel and are therefore eco-friendly.


The condition of an engine is determined by regular maintenance, but also by the driving style. Driving with a cold engine at low speed can result in dirt build-up inside the engine, causing the selected energy-conscious driving style to actually produce the opposite effect in the long run. Engine pollution will lead to a loss of power, higher fuel consumption and more harmful emissions. In addition, it may cause the engine to withhold, show more wear and therefore also require more maintenance.


As it supplies the engine with more air, even at lower revs, the Cyclone-X cleans the engine

With the Cyclone-X, the air which is necessary for combustion rotates and flushes. The air gains more momentum and, due to the turbulent swirl, clears obstacles more easily and with less resistance. Depending on the mounting point, the vortex will continue all the way into the cylinder. Because of the improved blending and supply of air, this will create in the cylinder, even at low revs, an energy-richer flame front allowing the combustion process to be more complete.


Valves and sparkplug clean with Cyclone XMoreover, the vortex ensures a continuous flushing and internal cleansing effect. Even at low revs such as targeted in “Smart Driving”, the trajectory of the air supplied will be kept consistently clean by the Cyclone-X. This concerns components such as:

  • Air inlet
  • EGR intake
  • Valves
  • Fuel injectors
  • Spark plugs
  • Pistons

A clean engine creates less friction and allows optimal combustion, which in turn reduces fuel consumption and the impact on the environment.