Bus - city bus and coach

More torque and no soot plumesActually, buses can be divided into two categories: city buses and coaches. One is constantly accelerating and braking, while the other runs almost always at a constant speed over long distances. Yet, it is economically and socially very responsible to equip both bus types with a Cyclone-X.

Reduce particulate emissions

The reproachful glances of pedestrians who are not fond of the soot plumes emanating from buses in the city. Fitting a Cyclone-X can easily solve that problem. The Cyclone-X, which creates a flushing airflow through the engine, ensures that there is enough air for optimum combustion. The accelerated and rotating air clears obstacles with the greatest ease and carries particles into the combustion chamber. Normally, the particles fall down in the airflow and accumulate. This is highly undesirable, as it gradually obstructs the engine's air intake system, and thus hampers air circulation. As a result, the engine performance and operation of the systems suffer a cumulative degradation. The solution: fit a Cyclone-X in the city bus or coach.

Extended engine service life and reduced operating costs

What both bus types have in common is the fact that they are used to carry passengers over short or long distances. The guarantee that this service is maintained without failure is a requirement. Fitting the Cyclone-X gives you the ability to drive at lower revs and shift up earlier to a higher gear, thus saving you fuel. The Cyclone-X also keeps the engine and its systems cleaner, which means that oil changes are not required as frequently. The oil filters, too, stay cleaner and will therefore retain their effectiveness for longer. Now that the EGR system does not clog up anymore through caking, you are sure to comply with emission standards and the particulate filter remains effective.


Cyclone-X in a bus

Since the engine stays cleaner, there is no backpressure from clogged up systems, which in turn would increase fuel consumption as the driver compensates for the drop in output by pushing the accelerator pedal. Ultimately, compensating for the drop in output, by giving more throttle and remaining in gears for longer, results in further clogging up of the engine and its systems. This can eventually lead to a critical failure or downtime... hoping that this will happen in a safe place, when the bus is empty. In any case, the repair costs will far exceed

the capital outlay for the Cyclone-X.

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